Cooking Challenge

What’s on your menu for 2023? Here is our 2023 monthly cooking challenge for #TaxTwitter and all #AccountantsWhoCook.

Our Cooking Challenge is live! Follow along each month as we add new countries and recipes to the challenge.

2023 Monthly Cooking Challenge #TaxTwitter #AccountantsWhoCook

Who is this for?

Over #Marchternity we learned that accountants and tax professionals love to eat, and some of us really love to cook, too! This monthly challenge gives us an opportunity to try new recipes and have fun along the way. Our goal is to make it approachable for cooks of all levels, from novice to master chef.

You don’t have to be in the accounting or tax profession to join us, so go ahead and follow along.

What’s the format?

The format for the 2023 Monthly Cooking Challenge is still being developed, but we’re currently planning on a different international theme for each month. Each month will include an appetizer, main course, dessert, and cocktail.

Keep checking back for more information. You can also follow us on Twitter at and the hashtag #AccountantsWhoCook

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