Cookbook – recipe submissions

Welcome, we’re glad you stopped by. This is the place were you can add your recipe for the AccountantsWhoCook Cookbook.

I love cooking and making good food. I also know a lot of accountants and tax professionals who like same thing. After sharing some recipes on Twitter and the #TaxTwitter community, Mary (@AccountingAsArt) suggested we create a cookbook and try to sell it. We’re going to give all the profits to a charity. We are thinking a food related charity or a scholarship fund for future accountants.

We’ve created a form to collect recipes from the accounting community, but this community is bigger than just “accountants”! We want recipes from all our friends, and this includes lawyers, financial planners, software people, and anyone else in the space who help and support our industry.

Mary’s suggestion is to have the books available for purchase at accounting conferences and we’ll have an online purchase option, too. We’ll work those details out later. Our first step is to collect the recipes! So go ahead and share your recipe with us!

UPDATE: Filling out this form does not subscribe you to any list and you won’t receive any updates from this website. If you would like to subscribe (and I hope you do!) please sign up on our homepage.

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